8 Proper Gym Etiquette Tips

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8 Proper Gym Etiquette Tips

With millions of people now working out at local gyms, it would only seem reasonable to imagine how many of them don’t actually understand proper gym etiquette. And, from my experiences with working out at gyms for many, many years I can now be certain that this is true. Whether you’re a beginner to exercising at gyms or are experienced, the 8 proper gym etiquette tips I have listed below are from my personal experiences and they will help you have a more enjoyable workout.

1) Don’t stare at your gym crush

Most women don’t get caught staring at guys, and even if they do, the guy being stared at probably wouldn’t mind so this tip is for the guys who keep staring at their gym crush. Stop doing it! Sure, she may have a nice butt or looks good in her tight yoga pants, but don’t stare at her for so long. It probably makes her feel uncomfortable. I see this all the time in the gym and it cracks me up. My suggestion is to take a quick glance and approach her with confidence or continue working out. This isn’t a dating site but if you want advice on how to approach women in the gym then contact me.

2) Share the equipment

One of the most frustrating things someone may experience while working out in a gym is when someone else is using the equipment he or she needs to use. Well, a great solution to this is to share the equipment. Crazy concept, I know. Sharing may not be your thing, but I promise it won’t hurt your ego. My suggestion is to simply walk up to the person who is using the equipment you want to use and ask them if you may “Jump in” or “Work in” with that person. He or she wouldn’t mind and, it could be an easy way to meet someone new.

3) Be aware of your surroundings

The gym can be a dangerous place, especially during the busiest hours so it’s imperative to be aware of your surroundings. I know most people tune out the world with their headphones on, effectively eliminating ambient noise, so sense of sight will need to be relied on. Just take a glance around (not to look at your gym crush) every once in a while, especially when caring heavy dumbbells or when preparing to head to a new gym equipment.

4) Don’t block someone’s view of the mirror

On almost every wall in a gym, there are large mirrors. Not only are they there to check yourself out, but most importantly, they’re there for you to check your form. Therefore, it’s important to not block someone’s view of the mirror. If you need to get to a pair of dumbbells or whatever else, do it quickly and be mindful of the first and second rows of equipment so that you’re not blocking their view either. Find a spot, and share the mirror.

5) Wipe down the equipment

Perspiration will most likely kick in while working out and it’s common for sweat to get all over the equipment. Have I grossed you out yet? Therefore, always carry a workout towel with you to place over where you will be sitting and wipe down the equipment with a paper towel and anti-bacterial cleanser (not your workout towel). All gyms have a few clean-up stations, so get familiar with them.

6) Put the equipment back

How frustrating would it be to find one 25 pound dumbbell but not the other, temporarily disrupting your workout? I know I would be frustrated and this has happened to me on many occasions. So, please put the equipment back where it belongs (not where you found it, if it was on the gym floor). Also, if you’re using equipment that uses removable weight plates, please take them off the equipment afterward. Not everyone may be able, or have any interest, in lifting the weight you just did so be courteous of others.

7) Don’t disrupt others

Now, there are a few reasons when disrupting others may be appropriate (which I will get to soon), but don’t interrupt someone’s workout just to tell them that they should be doing it your way. This is rude and presumptuous. Unless you are a trained and experienced personal trainer, you should not be giving advice to others or unless they approach you first. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. The only times you should be disrupting others is to have them “spot” you, to “work in” with them, or just to say hi.

8) Be available to help

Some people may be trying to perform their max on squat or bench press but if they’re doing it by themselves, it isn’t safe so if he or she approaches you to help “spot” him or her, +-be available to help. Take a few moments out of your routine to give a helping hand and that person will do the same for you when you need it.

So, there you have it. You should now be able to walk into your local gym and workout confidently. If I missed any important tips you think everyone should know, please post it in the comments below and share these helpful tips with your friends and family!

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