About Us

About Us

Hello, Welcome to Fitnesstry

Fitnesstry is a small team of experts dedicated to helping you reach your personal health and fitness goals at your home or one of our many park and gym locations in San Diego, CA. We believe in creating personalized programs that are more effective and easy to follow than what you’ll get at other big box gyms or personal training studios, and for a fraction of the cost. We carefully pay attention to each of our clients’ needs, culminating results that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Through many years of training and experience, we are highly qualified to work with men and women of all ages, sizes and levels who want to lose weight and tone up or prepare for a sporting events. There is no limit to what you are capable of and we are here to prove that to you.

Our main specialties are sustained weight loss and management for men and women, diet & nutrition, and senior fitness but we also have an extensive knowledge and experienced background in sports nutrition, bodybuilding, lifestyle coaching, lower back pain, youth fitness, HIIT training, strength training, and injury prevention.

We would like to invite you to schedule a free, no obligation “Motivation Fitness Consultation” to discuss how we can reach you toward your goals and as a special thank you for reading this page, we will give you 25% off your first month of training for any program*. Just use the offer code: Lifestyle when you contact us.

*for new clients only. Cannot be used with any other offers or promotions.