How To Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Change

by Samira Adams - January 20, 2013

Fear of Change

Change:  The ever-dreaded, number-one hated event of all time.  People just do not like it, whether it is their best interest or not. Being afraid of change can literally cause an individual to hold on to their current situation for dear life, regardless of how toxic it may be for them. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle, sounds like a great reason to make a change, but health and wellness is no exception to the fear that plagues us when we get in our comfort zone.

In this article, Why Sitting is Killing You, Robert Tillung goes into detail about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and why it is an absolute must to live a healthy lifestyle, not only to stop shaving years off of your life with bad habits, but to improve the quality of your life as well.  If not identified and corrected, fear can literally paralyze a person into a rut of bad health and unclaimed goals. So what are we afraid of?

Afraid of what you’ll have to give up?

Often times, a lifestyle-change deal breaker are all the things a person feels they have to give up in order to really make the change. The key to overcoming this fear is to focus on what you are gaining from the experience – not what you’re giving up (Luke).  Sure, you may need to decrease the portion size you serve yourself at meal time, but look at all the good you will be doing for yourself.

Proving it’s possible, a plethora of healthy, happy people are out there right now.  They may have children, a spouse and a job and some may even have a mean sweet tooth to deal with, but they put their health first, knowing that they will feel better and have the energy to take all the twists and turns life gives them.

Afraid you won’t be able to find the time?

You’re not alone. There isn’t a single person on this planet that isn’t held to the same strict 24-hour limit to their day. To be truthful, you may never actually find the time.  There will likely be something or someone wanting your attention most of the time. So, even though you may have to make the time or get creative with the time you have, remind yourself of what the ultimate goal is – living your life with health and happiness.

An easy place to start is by finding ways to squeeze in exercise every day.  Some people have a favorite TV show they watch, but commit to only watching the show if they’re on a stationary bike or lifting hand weights. Another time saver is to pre-plan and prepare healthy meals ahead of time to avoid finding yourself at a drive-through window after succumbing to those dreaded hunger pangs. Also, if you love a good book, download an audiobook, so you can listen while you walk.

Afraid of failure?

Babe Ruth is remembered as a record-setting home run hitter of his time. The good news for those of us who aren’t batting with the likes of Babe is that he also struck out 1,330 times in his career (Baseball Almanac).  Using a great success key, Babe kept taking the shot, risking failure, but expecting a home run. You have only officially failed when you have stopped trying.

Take it Easy on Yourself

We all know someone who has had a radical weight change and then gained all that weight back and maybe even more. Radical, overnight change isn’t always the answer.  It’s easy to get pumped up and find yourself wanting to run a marathon at the first smell of motivation, but first take into consideration that radical change, although more noticeable at the beginning, may not always be as effective as gradual change (Bool). In fact, it’s usually what is going on behind the scenes that really makes a long-term difference. This is not to say that you shouldn’t push yourself, but it is alright to start off with baby steps, tweaking serving sizes and adding extra steps where we can to promote physical activity.

Remember the Time

Do yourself a favor and think of a time when you’ve pushed past something that, at the time, seemed impossible – a hurdle you thought you would never get over. Remember this and let yourself relive that feeling of relief that comes with being victorious over that particular situation. Now use that same feeling of confidence to help break through to change your lifestyle for the best.

Take Ownership

Ultimately, whichever path you choose, you will only have yourself to thank (or blame) for the situation you find yourself in. A recommendation by Dr. Phil McGraw tells us that we will never become victorious by blaming someone else. Only when we take responsibility and demand the best of ourselves can we become truly fulfilled and reach our goals.

Picture yourself five years from now as the person you will be if you continue just as you are. Will you will be happy with the choices you made or will you be disappointed in yourself for not taking control and demanding to be a better you?



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Samira Adams Samira Adams is a freelance writer and health enthusiast who resides in San Diego County. She has earned her degree in communication studies with a writing emphasis. Among her other work, Samira has health and fitness articles in publications such as the San Diego Entertainer Magazine.
by Samira Adams